Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Looking for ways to raise your vibration quickly? If so, you’ve landed on the right blog! There are many ways to jack up those good vibes. Add these activities into your daily routine to instantly improve your happiness and reduce stress.

Living a High Vibration Life

Living a high vibration lifestyle will improve many key aspects of your overall health. We are more socially aware of mental and emotional health than ever before. However, improving one’s energetic health is less understood. By raising your vibration and living a high vibe lifestyle, there will likely be a positive effect to other areas of your health.

It’s Easy to Raise Your Vibration

I always assumed that would require a total overhaul of my lifestyle in order to raise my vibration. I also thought it would take months and months of immersing myself in a zen-like way of living. To my surprise and my delight, both assumptions are false. It’s easy to raise your vibration. Just add a few of these activities into your daily/weekly routine and enjoy the moment.

Top 10 Activities that will Raise Your Vibration

1. Move Your Body

Exercise and physical movement will charge up your vibration instantly. Physical movement will cause the release of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine into your body. Talk about a natural high! These neurochemicals will boost your mood and assist with relaxation. The subsequent effect is the reduction of hormones like adrenalin and cortisol, which promote anxiety and tension.

Feeling good with Yoga

You can raise your vibration with any type of physical movement. You don’t need to hit the gym if that’s not your thing. High vibe movement includes weight training, running, yoga, hiking, swimming, riding a bike, paddle boarding, dancing, jumping rope, or whatever physical activity you enjoy the most. A daily exercise routine will have you vibing high in no time.

2. Disconnect Your Tech

I know this suggestion has some of you scared. I promise that you will survive a brief daily disconnect. So put down your phone. Close your laptop. Turn off your Television. Take off that smartwatch too!

Most of us are plugged into technology in one way or another all day long. Necessary as it may be, it is often a very low vibration activity. We receive so much information from our tech tools. It’s a steady stream of info that is going to cause stress, anxiety, social pressure, frustration, and emotional chaos. Be sure to give yourself a break from this stream of low vibes. Allow for a dedicated period of time each day for disconnecting. In addition to setting aside your devices, fill the time by doing an activity that will raise your vibration.

3. Vibe with Mother Nature

The Earth is the ultimate source for high vibration energy. So why not go straight to the source for those good vibes? You will find the most amazing energy by connecting with all things nature. Why do you think so many people go to the beach? It’s because the vibe at the beach is so charged. The sand, the crashing waves, the smell of the sea, and the rays of the sun never disappoint. Just think about it. How many people do you see at the beach in a bad mood?

Vibing with Mother Nature
The Earth is the epicenter for high vibrational energy

Another way to get those high vibrations is to take off your shoes and walk in the grass. Doing this will literally root you directly into the energy source. Anytime you are outside, take the time to enjoy the beauty and nature around you. Do some gardening, climb a tree, lay in the grass, chill at the beach, and raise your vibration to the max.

4. Detoxify Your Life

If our physical bodies are not operating at full capacity, our overall energy suffers too. Detoxifying your body starts with removing/reducing drugs and alcohol, but it doesn’t stop there. There are many other toxins that we allow into our bodies. These high vibration blocking toxins are found in food, hygiene products, and cleaning products. Although it may be difficult to remove all toxins from your day-to-day, making a few changes will go a long way in raising your vibration.

Some simple ways of detoxing to raise your vibration are to remove fluoride from your toothpaste and aluminum from your deodorant. Other methods include drinking more water, eating organic foods, removing sugar from your diet, and using natural/organic cleaning products in your home.

5. Listen to High Vibration Music

Pump up the jam and pump up those vibes! I don’t think anyone will have a problem implementing this method of raising their vibe. It’s no secret that upbeat music can easily change one’s mood (positively) almost instantly. Any time is a good time to vibe with music. Whether it’s on your drive to work or while at work or during your workout, music can easily boost your energy.

6. Meditation to Raise Your Vibration

In addition to disconnecting from technology, it is also helpful to disconnect from that voice in your head. You may not realize it, but that voice is talking to you nonstop! It’s yapping about everything and most of it is not what best serves you. If you can turn it off for 15 to 30 minutes a day, you will gain so much peace. You will also learn to detach from that inner voice throughout the day.

Meditation is all about quieting the voice in your head and blocking out social noise. Imagine being able to sit quietly. Just sit. Focus on your breath and just sit. Block out the stress of your daily grind. Release the pressure coming from society, your job, your family, your bills, and so on. Get quiet, open your heart and find clarity in the silence. It will be hard at first. Keep trying. Eventually, you will be able to silence the noise and connect with your own true self.

7. Writing/Journaling

One of the best ways to release your thoughts is to write them down. Spend a few moments through the week to write your thoughts and feelings. The action of writing will provide and a great way to release what’s eating at you. You can write down your ideas, fears, desires, intentions, creative stories, past experiences, or whatever comes to you at the moment. Just let it all out onto the page.

Writing will raise your vibration

Check out these beautiful journals and planners by Magic Of I.

8. Vibe with the Highly Vibrational Crowd

Social interaction is a fun way to raise your vibration. However, it is important to have those interactions with other folks that are beaming with positivity. Needless to say, chillin’ with a pack of ‘Debbie Downers’ is not going to help raise your vibration. So find a group of friends that share your good vibes and vibe on. This socialization will literally multiply those beautiful vibrations ten-fold!

High vibration peopl
Hang with positive people to keep the vibe right.

9. Fill Your Heart with Gratitude

Just be thankful! Easy enough, right? After all, when you truly know your place in this world, it is easy to be thankful for literally everything. Even down to every single breath that you take. Remember, we are all just tiny beings living an a small chunk of rock and dirt that is flying through the middle of nowhere in the universe. That’s it. Once you know that, it’s so easy to be fill your heart with gratitude and happiness.

Make it a routine to express your gratitude each and everyday; several times a day. You can do this through prayer to your creator or just by recognizing the feeling of your own gratitude at a soul level. That thankful feeling will bring you so much peace and happiness.

10. Reiki

Reiki is a great method for shifting your energy quickly. A Reiki practitioner can feel into your energy (in person or remotely). Once connected with your energy, they can clear negative energy, recharge your positive energies, and clear your energetic pathways allowing you to raise your energetic vibration.

Other things you can do

There are thousands of things you can do that will help you raise your positive vibrations. Pretty much any activity that connects you with nature or reduces your stress will work. Here are a few more of my favorite and specific vibration elevating activities.

  1. Reading a book
  2. Singing in the shower or car (alone)
  3. Dance (alone in my apartment)
  4. Riding a bike
  5. Cooking
  6. Playing with my dog at the park
  7. Burning incense or sage
  8. Taking a relaxing bubble bath (candles and all)
  9. Listening to Nadia Ali radio on Pandora
  10. Writing poetry or blogging about personal experiences
  11. Carrying Amethyst and Quartz in my pocket (these healing crystals have a high vibration)
  12. Yoga
Raising your vibration with crystals
Healing crystals such as Amethyst, Quartz, and Emerald are believe to have high vibrational properties

Now that you know how to Raise Your Vibration

As you can see, leveling up your energetic health doesn’t require a total lifestyle overhaul. You can make some small changes to your routine and viola, you are vibing into the stratosphere. You will feel lighter and fluffier that ever before. So stop and smell the roses. Slow down and disconnect from things that cause you stress. Worry less about the destination and enjoy the journey.

Feel free to comment below with your own favorite philosophical clichés, or your thoughts about raising your vibration.

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