understanding my claircognizance

Understanding my Claircognizance

The main source of my intuition comes from claircognizance. This is one of 6 clair senses. These senses are how psychics like myself, receive messages from spirit. The other clair senses are clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairalience (smelling), and clairgustance (tasting).

Claircognizance is the intuitive sense of ‘knowing’. Psychics with strong claircognizant abilities know information and outcomes wouldn’t normally have knowledge of. The knowledge comes through as thought that pops into the mind. It’s as if the knowledge has always been there waiting for you to unlock it.

Our spiritual gifts are awaiting us. We just have to unlock them.

Was I Always Claircognizant?

The short answer is yes. I’ve always had the gift of psychic knowing. It wasn’t well developed, but it was always there. After I experienced a spiritual re-awakening at age in 2019, my claircognizance began to grow. It took me a while to connect the dots, but I eventually realized that there was something different about the level of intuition that was coming forth.

As a young boy, I was extremely tuned in to people’s natural energy. I remember being able to figure out quickly if I was comfortable with someone almost immediately after meeting them. There were several people that I recall having a bad feeling about and finding out later in life that those same people did bad things to others.

One person in particular that I remember having challenging energy was the father of my best friend. He was also a local police office and someone that my mother knew for many years. I had no reason to believe that he would harm me in any way, but I always did my best to keep my distance because of the energy that I felt from him. It turns out that many years later, this same person would be charged and convicted of molesting two children. I am not saying that I knew that was going to happen, but I did sense some energy that I knew I wanted no part of.

As I grew older, the ability to feel the energy of others would come and go. It wasn’t as present as it was in my youth. I would have moments of clear connection occasionally. I think there was just too many distractions around me and I wasn’t making the effort to clear my mind and connect with my natural awareness.

Deciding to Develop and Grow this Gift of Claircognizance

Once I dedicated myself to practicing a more spiritual lifestyle, so many gifts began to surface. These gifts and abilities came forward rapidly. The first sensation that I noticed was a profound sense of comfort. I could feel so much positive energy around me, even when I was alone. This was energy that I had unlocked from within my own spirit. When I became truly connected with my own spirit, my psychic knowledge really began to develop.

understanding my claircognizance
For many people, developing psychic abilities requires them to align their energy centers and connect with spirit

As I desired to harness my spiritual gifts, I sought methods of evolving them. A friend of mine had introduced me to divination tools such oracle cards and pendulums. I had a good understanding of divination tools like Tarot cards, but I was unfamiliar with Oracles. My next step was to order my first oracle deck. I searched through dozens of oracle decks on sites like Amazon and Etsy. Eventually, a lovely deck caught my eye and I made it mine.

I had no clue what I was doing when reading the oracles. I also didn’t know exactly how my intuition would come through. Would I see something? Hear something? Feel something? Would I receive messages like a medium or through channeling spirit? I had no clue, but I did feel a strong calling for me to explore this path. So, that’s what I did. I continued to meditate and practice ‘sitting in the power’. I also continued to learn as much as I could about connecting with spirit and developing psychic gifts. I was determined to begin understanding my claircognizance.

At First: Confusion

It’s important to keep in mind that at this point, I was still extremely new to all things psychic. Outside of having an auntie (now in spirit), that was a gifted Tarot reader, I was green in every way. My lack of overall understanding did not deter me from exploring. I began working with my oracle deck. by learning the author’s intended meaning for each card. I would also spend time reviewing each card in order to connect to my own intuition for it.

Once I felt 100% connected to the deck of oracles, I began to pull cards for friends and family (with their permission of course). I would pull one card for them and tell them what I thought. What came out of my mouth was often a mix of the author’s intended meaning for the card and my own intuitive understanding. I was just saying what came to mind when I saw various images, words, and numbers on the cards. It turns out that the messages I delivered were resonating deeply with everyone. I was bringing forth information and understanding about their situations that I had no previous knowledge of. It was uncanny and I couldn’t understand it.

I didn’t even comprehend where the information was coming from or how I was receiving it. After all, I was simply telling my sitter what I thought. These were my own thoughts. It was like I was telling them a story that I was making up as the words left my mouth. The crazy thing was that these messages were landing. They were landing and resonating in a profound way with those receiving them. I was still having difficulty understanding my ability. It was just a “knowing” that I had. I just knew shit. My mind was blown.

Trusting in the Knowing

One of the most difficult aspects of developing and understanding my claircognizance was learning to trust it. I had to fully trust that everything that I am hearing in my mind’s eye is coming from spirit. Eventually, I worked up enough confidence to start providing my friends, family, and social media acquaintances with full 3-card oracle readings. It was a big step for me.

When I started shuffling the deck for the sitter, I would have thoughts pop into my head that would direct me as to which cards to select. I would be directed to cut the deck at a specific card or to spread the deck out on the table and pull from the spread. Other direction would come through as well. It was always different, but it seemed to bring forward the perfect cards every time. There were times that I would second guess that a card was the right one. I would put it back in the deck and continue to shuffle. Almost every single time I did that, the card would return. Eventually, I stopped second guessing the cards. The ones that come forward are the right cards and no one can tell me differently.

We are taught our whole lives to be logical, but trusting our intuition is often the right choice.

As soon as I took myself out of the equation and just trusted the energy coming through, that is when everything really clicked. If a thought enters my mind, I present it to my reader. If I feel something physically or I have a random taste in my mouth, I present those sensations. It’s all part of trusting. Trusting in the knowing.

Still in Awe

It never ceases to amaze me. Every single time I am able to bring forth healing messages for a sitter, I am in awe. Spirit works in so many amazing ways. These wonderful abilities are accessible to anyone willing to open their heart and connect. We are all spirit. We are all connected. Just plug in and be amazed. It’s quite a journey.

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