Auntie Deb

My Auntie Deb

My Auntie Deb (Deborah Cavins) was an absolutely beautiful human. Deb was a huge personality and one of the most eccentric people I’ve ever met. She lived an interesting life full of peaks and valleys. Along the way, there was plenty of drama and an equal amount of personal triumph. Deb had three younger brothers and two older sisters (one being my mother). Of the siblings, I believe she was the most misunderstood.

I had a wonderful connection with my Auntie Deb. She was different and so was I. She was definitely the trailblazer in our family when it came to living her truth and pursuing her desires. At times, it was a bit of a train wreck, but I always admired her strength and determination to live her way. She was an inspiration for me. After her passing, I came to realize just how much of an impact she made on my life. I began to reinterpret my understanding of who she really was. There was so much more to her than her loud personality and eccentric lifestyle. Deborah was a complex, spiritual person that was always searching for peace, harmony, and true love.

Deborah Psychic

My Auntie was many things in her life. She was a survivor of domestic abuse, a college graduate, a writer/blogger, a mother of four children, and a psychic. That’s right. I am not the first or only intuitive in the family. Deb was a talented psychic and Tarot reader. I recall hearing that she had worked for Miss Cleo’s Psychic Readers Network at one point. I believe that my auntie worked as a psychic for a few different pay-per-call hotlines throughout the early 2000s.

Eventually, Deb would take full advantage of online resources that were coming of age. She promoted her readings and events on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, and her own website. She was known as ‘Deborah Psychic’ or ‘Moon Queen’. The way Deb used social media (over 12 years ago) to market her psychic services is incredibly impressive to me. Sure, this is standard for today’s intuitive, but back then, most psychics, mediums, and other lightworkers were relegated to local print advertising, and whatever foot traffic was generated by their storefront and signage. This was just yet another way that my awesome auntie was trailblazing.

My Tarot Reading with Auntie Deb

I fondly remember the one and only Tarot reading that Deb gave me. I was 19 years old and I recently had my heart broken for the first time. My girlfriend broke up with me for no apparent reason and I needed some clarity. Auntie offered me a Tarot reading and I jumped at the opportunity. This would be my first psychic reading ever. I was nervous and excited.

As we sat on the floor of my grandmother’s living room, I recall asking Deb how Tarot worked. I was skeptical about how random cards could bring forth psychic messages or information. While shuffling the deck, she explained that she calls on her spirit guide to bring the right cards forward. Needless to say, my 19-year-old mind was blown. This type of interactive spiritual connection was completely foreign to me. I was instantly intrigued. My questions persisted during the Tarot reading. This likely disrupted her connection, but I was more interested in learning about how it all worked rather than getting clarity for my current situation.

Overall, I remember the reading going well. I was impressed with the information and insight that Deb delivered. There is one specific detail from the reading that I still remember. Deborah told me that she sensed my ex-girlfriend being pregnant. She also told me that the baby was female. As you can imagine, I was nervous. It turns out that my ex was not pregnant at the time, but she and I would later reconcile and conceive a baby girl about 6 months later. The Moon Queen was spot on!

The Passing of Auntie Deb

Auntie Deb was challenged by asthma and weight issues throughout her life. Unfortunately, these health issues would cut her life way too short. On Monday, May 26, 2014 (Memorial Day), Deborah passed away at her home in Evansville, Indiana. She was overcome by an extreme asthma situation which was followed by a heart attack. Deb was only 43 years old when she crossed over to spirit. Her passing was a shock to her family, friends, social media followers, and her clients. Deborah Cavins’ larger-than-life human presence is greatly missed.

Auntie deb
My auntie Deb…working the hell out of her grainy webcam.

Auntie Deb in Spirit

Although I do miss Deb’s human presence terribly, I feel so blessed to be able to say that I am more connected with her now than ever before. Her spirit is ever-present in my life. In fact, she is one of my spirit guides! How ironic. The person that educated me about spirit guides is now my own guide in spirit. I hear her voice in my head as much as I hear my own. When it comes through with sass or a specific brand of dry humor, I know it’s my auntie. Her presence is always welcomed.

Another way that Deborah Psychic connects with me is during my own readings. When I am preparing to meet with a sitter, I am sure to invite Deb into the reading. She was a kick-ass card reader when she is alive and she is in spirit as well. I am truly blessed to have her spirit with me. Her wisdom is unique and profound.

While watching her Youtube videos a while back, I noticed that she almost always signed off with the phrase “peace always.” I liked it so much that I stole it. It’s just another way to pay homage to such a beautiful soul and to strengthen my connection to her spirit. Thank you Auntie Deb!

Peace always, Stopher

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