How I Connect Psychically

How I Connect Psychically

A question that I am often asked is, “how do you do it?” People want to know how I am able to know things about them and their situations. My psychic abilities may seem like magic or some sort of superpower, but there is a simple explanation for ‘how I do it’. It’s so simple that you may not believe me. You might even wonder if you too can connect psychically. My answer to that question is, yes. I truly believe that everyone has the ability to connect spiritually and energetically to their surroundings and to other people. In fact, we are already connected. We just have to do a little work in order to heighten our psychic senses.

What I am Connecting to

As I previously mentioned, everyone and everything in this is already connected. Our spirits are connected. When I am connecting to a sitter psychically, I am just tapping into their energy in order to learn about their personality, current situations, surrounding energies, past experiences, and more.

Metaphorically, I view this connection as if I am accessing someone’s computer remotely. If I am given permission, I can connect to my sitter’s “computer” and their “energetic files”. Once I am connected with my sitter, I allow their energy and spirit to enter my own. The information comes to me in the form of claircognizance. This is a sense of ‘psychic knowing’.

How my own Spirituality is Involved

I don’t believe that someone has to be spiritual in order to develop their psychic ability. In my case, it helped in many ways. My spiritual journey has helped me develop a profound sense of peace. Through meditation and exercises such as ‘sitting in the power‘, I have learned to quiet my human mind and connect deeply with my own spirit (aka my higher self). When I am in this state of quiet, I am able to hear the voice of spirit. This voice is extremely intuitive and delivers the messages that I have downloaded from my sitter’s energy.

How I Process The Information

This is where it gets tricky. The most developed psychic sense that I use is Claircognizance. I just know things. The messages will pop into my mind as any of my own thoughts would. That is why it is so important for me to be in a quiet state. I need to be able to know that these thoughts are not my own conscious thoughts. Sometimes a random word or phrase will pop into my head. From there, I may start working through the storyline or the meaning. The initial word or phrase is often not part of the message itself. It just serves as a mental cue card that leads me to the information that the sitter needs to hear.

How I connect psychically
Psychic readers often only get partial pieces of information and have to rely on their intuition to put the puzzle together.

Other times, I may observe an image in my mind of someone or something that I am familiar with within my own life. This is a way for me to understand the information as it would be related to my own experience with whatever the image is showing me. For example, if I am seeing the Queen of England in my mind’s eye, I would interpret that as the name Elizabeth coming through. Once I have the first piece to the puzzle in place, everything else becomes clearer.

Can Anyone Connect Psychically?

I say yes, but this opinion isn’t shared by everyone within the intuitive community. There are many that believe you either have it or you don’t. I subscribe to a more nuanced understanding. My opinion is that everyone has the ability to connect to spirit energy. The catch is that some folks have sharper or more developed senses than others. The same goes for any of our other senses. Some people have a more refined sense of smell, while others may have sharper vision. It makes a lot of sense to me that psychic senses work the same way.

My sharpest psychic sense is claircognizance, but when it comes to clairaudience, you could consider me deaf. Some senses come and go, but the bulk of my information comes to me from my most developed psychic ability. Through practice and intention, I continue to strengthen my lesser senses. This experience just further confirms my belief that anyone can discover and develop some level of psychic ability.

How to Start Psychic Development

The way I started was through meditation and education. Doing this did not directly affect my psychic abilities, but it did provide me with the tools that I needed in order to grow psychically. The first big step for me was to learn how to disconnect my conscious mind. Meditation played a big part in that. I also learned how to disconnect by understanding the ‘how and why’ of my consciousness.

A dear friend of mine recommended the book, “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. This book was a game-changer for me. I tend to want to know how things work before jumping in. “The Untethered Soul” was the perfect resource for learning how our conscious mind and our spirit interact. Being able to quiet our ego is a great first step in psychic development. Once that ego/conscious mind is quiet, it’s all about setting your intention and listening.

This of course is only the first step of many. There are so many other exercises, experiences, divination tools, techniques, etc. that will further your development.

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